Learnt a lesson..

I have learnt a very valuable lesson today and that is “Never shop for your groceries on an empty stomach”.

Today I didn’t feel like cooking lunch so I had a cup of cereal 🙂 . Then by 5.30 pm we went to our weekly Tesco shopping. Because of the Christmas shopping crowd, we decided not to go to the one near us and we decided to go to Tesco Extra which was about 20 min away from our home and its huge. There I was doing ok for the first half an hour then we went into the food section and I started feeling hungry 😦 .

I kept taking out junks because of the hunger 😦 . Let me tell you what are the junk I bought, strawberry cheesecake, toffee cheesecake, bread pudding, raspberry yoghurt, 2 Doritto Tortillas, 2 Tesco Tortillas, 1 large dip for the tortillas, BBQ sauce, sweet chilli sauce, mini veggie spring rolls, frozen potato wedges, roasted soya bean (yay.. something healthy) sandwich and chips 🙄 .

And there I was in the till looking at the stuffs I bought and I was like what the hell was I thinking? Hubby wasn’t happy at all 😦 . Hubby told me to leave it alone as I started picking up stuffs which was not necessary. Nothing registered in my mind because of the hunger so we paid and then I sat down and had a sandwich and the drink. Then I started thinking about the bill and I have to say that it was twice our weekly budget and I was like NAHIIIII (drama).

Anyway, lesson well learnt. I will always have something before I go grocery shopping 🙂 .


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