6 Adorable Cat Behaviours with Shockingly Evil Explanations

I found this article from the Cracked website and I was shocked to see some reasons 🙂 .  Click on the website for the explanation for the below points.

  1. Meowing to imitate a baby human. (this is sooo true. Remember the Puss in boots from Shrek, the way it makes a cute little sad eyes to get his own way, yup that is how all cats are)
  2. Leaving their poop uncovered as an insult.
  3. Rubbing againt you to declare ownership. (I found this interesting 🙂 )
  4. Imitating snakes to intimidate you.
  5. Obsessively getting rid of the stench of human. (I found this funny because after reading this, I went and petted my black cat and he actually started licking himself 😀 and I found that funny because I now rub my hand all over him.. heeee)
  6. Bringing home dead animals to show that you suck at hunting.



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