Meeting Amy..

As you all know, I am a YouTube & Blog addict. I saw Amy aka Dazzledust25 in YouTube about probably 6 months ago. I like the fact that she lives in Ireland and she is such a delight to watch. She does makeup tutorials and hauls. I love watching those kind of videos. She also has her website as well. Anyway, about nearly 6 weeks ago she asked if anybody in Ireland wants to meet up with her to ask about questions on makeup 😀 .

And you could imagine my excitement, of course, I wanted to meet her and ask her about foundations. So I emailed her saying I am very much interested in meeting her. Last week on Monday, she emailed me back asking if I was free on saturday for the meet and I told her that I am free.

She actually booked a studio for this meet and I actually thought it will be like a makeup addicts of Ireland all coming together and talking makeup 😀 . But it was actually a face to face with Amy. She also did a make over on me (yayyy). Though I have to say it took me nearly 30 min to find the studio 😦 but atleast I reached there about 15 min late for my appointment. I was really excited to meet her 🙂 .

The studio was huge and cold but it had lots of light coming in. We talked about makeup and I asked her about choosing the foundation. She did a make over on me with the Revlon foundation in the colour Early tan and I like it. But I actually want to try the next dark colour to Early tan to see which suits me. I also asked about the application of the contour and blush.

It was such an exciting moment to talk about makeup with another makeup addict 🙂 . I also told her about the CCO in  Juntion 1 up north and I have a feeling that she might be a frequent visitor there 😀 . I think I was with her for about 15-20 min and then when I left she gave me a goodie bag (yayy). It was such a surprise as I wasn’t expecting anything. I loved the goodie bag.

Amy also does her own skin care product like soap, lotion, salt scrub and bath bombs. The goodie bag had 2 samples of her own soap as well and I am really looking forward to try it 🙂 . It also had 3 sweets, eyeliner, lip liner, mascara, 2 nail polishes, lip balm, lipstick, lip gloss, nail file, tweezers, small container of Nivea cream (fits perfectly in my kit in my purse) and a small makeup bag for your purse.

The goodie bag was so cute and hubby was very jealous (heee). Check her website for the pics of that day 🙂 . I was absolutely thrilled to meet her 😀 . That my readers was my exciting weekend.


Look at my cats investigating the goodie bag 🙂


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