Review : Bourjois Round Pot Eyeshadow

As you know, I am a bargain addict. Bourjois is a oldest french cosmetic company and they are sold in Boots. I have always been drawn towards their product because they look so cute and attractive. Their packaging is the cutest and the colours look gorgeous as well. But the downside is the cost 😦 , I think it’s about 8 Euros. And I am not willing to spend that much money on just one eyeshadow. It is also a baked eyeshadow.

Anyhoos, I bought 16 Ambre Nude( nude with gold/amber sheen) and 55 Bleu Myosotis (light blue). You have to remember that the entire package has french words. Ok, the best part is that I got these for 1 Euro each 😀 from Debenhams in 2008 summer (I think). Untill now I didn’t know how to use. I remember the first time I used it and I thought it was the worst eyeshadow ever and it has been sitting in my makeup case till about 3 months ago which is when I discovered how to use it 🙂 .

Apparently you have to apply them with a sponge applicator which is provided in the eyeshadow box. It doesn’t work well with a makeup brush.  How did I apply? I applied my MAC paint pot in Rubinesque all over my eyes and then applied the Ambre Nude with the sponge application all over my eyes as well 🙂 . Viola, Perfect looking nude eyes with little bit shimmers 🙂 . I am absolutely amazed about how great it looks on a day when you don’t want colours in your face.

Also once I used the blue on my eyelids and then the Ambre nude from the crease till the brow bone. And I applied a midnight blue eyeliner and it looked so good with my dark blue top 🙂 . Apparently you can wet the sponge tip applicator and then it a deep colour which I haven’t tried till now.

Overall,  I am quite impressed with them. But I won’t be buying them unless I could get a bargain. You have to check the violet, prune, emerald colour. They are quite stunning and I have been really tempted in getting these colours. And to top this, they have an offer in boots right now on Bourjois for 2 for 15 Euros. I still think it’s too much but God, they are gorgeous. I want to try their blushes as well 🙂 .


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