I have been sick

If you are wondering why I am not posting articles everyday, then the reason is I got very sick after New year’s eve. In Dublin, we had snow on New Year’s eve (Thursday). I actually went to my friend’s house and was outside for about probably 5 min and the next day I started getting sick. Usually I get head cold, with blocked nose and headaches. But by sunday, I was worse. I couldn’t breathe at all. Usually for my blocked nose, I use nasal spray and it works but this time it worked for about only 2 hrs then my nose is blocked again.

So without 24 hrs of sleep, I had to go to the doctor on monday 😦 . So there I was, speaking and breathing through my mouth (It seems like I was having an asthma attack). So the doctor diagnosed Rhinitis (inflammation of the nose) and prescribed me an antibiotic and a steroid nose drops. It took me 2 days of nose drops and antibiotics and I started feeling better and breathed through my nose. By friday, I was feeling better but I was getting bored. Throughout this week, we had snow in Dublin. It was just awful and I hate snow.

On saturday, I had to go out because I was feeling trapped inside the house. So we went to tesco for about 2 hrs along with the travelling and it completely wiped me out. I was so tired after the trip. My body is very weak and my mind is very active. As I was taking the antibiotics, my taste buds died 😦 . So basically I couldn’t taste anything and I so much wanted to have a nice spicy food. I did cook but the taste remained in my tongue for about 10 sec.

Anyhoos, along with the illness, my mind is not working at all. I don’t have any motivation or even words to write-up an article. That is why there is a long gap in my blog. I am still weak and gets tired very easily 😦 . But hopefully, I should get better by next week.

For the past two days, I have a pain in the shoulder-blade and its difficult for me to sleep. With the pain, I sweat sometime at night and that tires me out as well. I am going to see if I still have pain tomorrow and if yes, then I am going to the doctor again 🙂 .


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