Nail #23 : Bourjois one second

I got this nail polish in 9 Prune Stellaire. Its a deep plum/grape colour with pinkish purple shimmer in it. It is so lovely in the bottle. The bottle is the cutest ever.

The formulation is good and when you apply it in the nails, you can see the shimmer very clearly only under light. But the problem I had is with the brush. I am not happy with it. The first coat was little bit sheer but was somewhat streaky but when I applied the second coat it was definitely better. I actually thought it will be shiny but it looked somewhat dull and not what I would have imagined.

The shimmer/glitter wasn’t visible unless you watch it very closely. Also the colour looks almost black at night and looks only plum coloured under close observation. Though it looks lovely in the bottle, I am not impressed with it on my nails. I also applied a top coat over 2 coats of this nail polish.


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