Review : Clinique Cream Eyeliner

I got the Clinique Cream Eyeliner in Black Honey. It’s a reddish-brown colour. After being disappointed with the Revlon and the Jane cream eyeliner, I was reluctant to buy this. So after I found some review in the internet, I thought it will be a good one to try. I bought this in CCO in Northern Ireland and they didn’t have any other colour. So I thought it was not a bad colour to try.

I have to say I am pretty impressed and happy with this eyeliner 🙂 . I have worn it all the time I go out. It’s so creamy and its easy to apply it on the eyelids. I use this with the Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner brush. It’s really easy to apply. I like the colour as well. The best thing is that it’s not getting dried up in the bottle at all. The colour looks good on my medium skin colour. I thought it wouldn’t show up on my eyelids but it does.

I am really impressed with this and I would definitely buy more colours 😀 .


3 thoughts on “Review : Clinique Cream Eyeliner

  1. I also have the same colour. My review is coming in a day or two. It’s lovely and it just doesn’t budge. Didn’t expect it to be soooooo good. I also use it with a bent brush from Inglot and that brush I guess is my best investment so far. 🙂

  2. I have the same shade :)) and also a dark purple that I belive it was discontinued. Black Honey does not show very well on my lid unfortunately, even though I am pretty fair, but the purple is lovely. For the black one, I could not find the shade in my store (it was sold out), but i use Lancome’s Ink Artliner Gel in stead. Gels are easier to use, I think, but they are not that intense.

    • Charan says:

      I agree about not showing on the eyelid. I usually use it on top of a brown shadow so that it looks more smokey or even when I go for the natural look.

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