Review : Lush Face Mask

I got the Lush face mask about nearly 2 months ago and its called Mask of Magnamity. I am seriously scared to go inside the  Lush shop because when I go inside, I end up buying something 😦 . I was interested in buying face mask after reading some reviews but they are little bit expensive. But I thought why not give it a try. There are 2 types of masks available there, the fresh mask which has the expiry date of 3 weeks and the normal mask which has the expiry date of 3 months. I bought the normal mask as I knew that I wouldn’t use the fresh mask within 3 weeks.

Moving on to the product, it a green colour mask with granules in it. It has the scent of peppermint which I like 🙂 and after it dries in the face, add little water and you can use it as a scrub as well 🙂 . I use this mask for special occasions as it makes my skin feel clean and bright. It had about 125 g of product and its about € 7 (I think). It is pretty expensive for a mask and scrub but thinking about it, If i buy the individual packs of mask, it will cost me about € 1.50 for each use. So overall, it’s not a bad price at all.

But I do like the mask a lot. It can be little bit drying but I apply a night cream after this. I think it’s a good mask for oily skin. When I finish this mask, I am going to get another one 🙂 .

Description of the Product

Deeply cleansing, toning and exfoliating pepperminty mask. Refreshes and brightens all it touches.


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