Changes in my blog

I have wanted to change the outlook of my blog for a long time. I just don’t know if I will be able to manage my website. I want it to be simple and easy to work with but I am scared to pay the money and then realise that it’s too tough for me to manage. So I stayed in this blog till now.

Hubby pointed out that I have a CSS option which I didn’t know what it is. So I researched and found some books on it. I couldn’t even finish chapter 1 😦 . It was so damn boring and way over my head. But hubby promised me help with this one, so I purchased the CSS option in June. I waited a long time and begged hubby to take a look at it but to no avail 😦 .

So about 3 weeks ago, I decided I would do the dummies way. So I researched in net for all the easy ways to play with the themes. I didn’t need to know about everything just the colour change and the backgrounds. So I researched and played with my theme for about 3 hrs and finally changed some little things in my blog. Some of my friends also helped me when I got stuck with a problem.

So you will be seeing a lot of background changes in the near future 😀 . I did find lot of nice backgrounds for my blog. I am still in 2 mind whether I should get my website. It’s not bad, just $ 7 a month. Hubby told me to go for it but I am afraid that it will be a waste if I lose the interest to blog anymore 😦 .

Anyhoos, I am still learning about CSS. I just learn one new thing every week 😀 and that is all I can do. I am more of a biology person and not a computer person. All these computer language just goes over my head.


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