Review : Johnson’s Dreamy Skin Moisturiser

I am a firm believer in moisturising my face all the time. Maybe I should have said it’s a necessity. I have a dry skin and during winter, they become extra dry 😦 . I have used this cream before and this is my second jar. This is a night cream for a normal and combination skin with moonflower enriched fragrance 😀 . It does sound good, doesn’t it? But it smells amazing 😀 . I love it.

The jar has about 50 ml of the product and I think, it’s about € 6 and I know that it’s totally worth that money. I am using this as a day cream during winter.  My skin looks patchy if I use the normal moisturizer which I used during summer. I love the cute little lavender colour packaging. My skin just absorbs the moisture as soon as I apply it. It doesn’t make my skin oily, it just gets the dewy finish 🙂 .

This is my absolute favourite winter moisturizer and you can also see it in the picture that I have used it a lot. I have just about 10% left 🙂 . This is definitely a worthy product for people with dry/combination skin.


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