I have been really busy in India last week. Maybe I will try to post aleast 3 articles in a week. Chennai got so hot towards the end of last week. It tires me out whenever I go out in the afternoon and I end up tired in the evening. I didn’t buy more beauty items in India. I did buy some sandals and a silver finger ring which I absolutely love 🙂 .

I have been sleeping a lot at night. I usually slept by 10 pm and got up by 9 am in chennai. I have been eating mom’s food every day. Yesterday I arrived in Bhilai at my in-laws house. The travel yesterday was tiring. Our flight was at 5.45 am so we left home at 4 am. Then our connecting flight was from Bombay at 10.35 am which was delayed by an hour. After reaching Raipur, we had about 2 hrs of car journey. It was too much journey in the heat for me and with the lack of sleep, I was cranky throughout the day.

I have been sleeping so much today. I got up at 10 am then slept by 3.30 pm and got up at 6 pm 🙂 . I still feel very tired. I was going to review some products I am using at the moment. Maybe I will do it by this week. I did buy one more Lakme nail polish because I liked the colour. Will post reviews from tomorrow 🙂 .


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