Nail #26 : Lakme Nail Polish

I bought the Lakme nail polish in D417 Manish Malhotra which is dark red colour like a maroon. When I bought it, I thought it was Strawberry pink colour but it turned out to be a red which I was not fond of. The formulation is not bad and brush is very streaky. The colour didn’t do anything for me. It’s about Rs. 90.

The colour looked weird with my skin tone. My skin looked more yellow and the colour is very flat red. If it is a little bit shiny then it would have been good. I wasn’t impressed with the way Lakme counter has kept the nail polishes. They just place it in a huge basket and we have to go through it  and find the colour you like 😦 . I didn’t have much patience and I thought they had barely 10 colours but lot of quantity in the basket.

Will I buy this brand again? I don’t know. I wasn’t impressed with it at all.


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