Review : Lacto Calamine

I bought the small-sized Lacto Calamine Aloe moisturizer when I was in Chennai. It’s the perfect size to try. Its has about 30 ml of the product and its Rs. 32 which is not bad. I used to use this on my face when i was living in Chennai. I wanted to try the new version. Its smells the same like the calamine lotion and its semi liquid in nature.

For the first few days, I was using Simple Daily Radiance moisturizer and I noticed that it made my face shiny or maybe too oily. Then I switched over to Lacto Calamine and it was perfect 🙂 . I think it suits my skin but only in chennai. I really liked the way my skin felt after using this. My skin just absorbs all the moisture and It stays matte throughout the day.

But when I came to Bhilai, this moisturizer didn’t suit me at all. It’s because of the dry climate and I switched back to my Simple Daily Radiance Moisturiser. Chennai is very humid in nature which made me skin look the best. My skin gets this natural glow with no open pores. It looks smooth and pink 🙂 .

So I am definitely going to stick with this lotion whenever I am in Chennai. I will also carry this in my kit to apply on rashes or on any skin conditions.



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