Just 48 hrs..

Its been 3 weeks since I am in India. I had a fantastic time here. We celebrated my father-in-law’s 60th b’day traditionally and on the same day we had the holi party. It was a tiring day as we had to get up early for the homam for the celebration and it was followed by holi party at around 11 am. I didn’t play with the colours but I watched all the others play.

I have been eating like crazy in Bhilai as we have a cook here 😀 . Everyday we decide the menu and the cook makes it. I am sure that I have put on weight 😦 but it can’t be avoided as the holi sweets started arriving as well followed by the b’day celebrations where we had gulab jamun, kheer and cake, of course. I bought a lovely maroon saree for the occasion and I loved it 🙂 .

I am leaving for Chennai in about 6 hrs and  I have a flight to catch for Dublin by Sunday early morning. I have been missing my kitties a lot as everywhere I saw stray cats and dogs. I miss their hugs rather I miss hugging them. It certainly makes me smile  🙂 . Though I didn’t buy lot of stuffs, hubby got 2 custom-made bag for his sport cycling which occupied most of the suitcase 😦 . I hope I can bring everything in our luggage. I still have to shop for the sweets, snacks and pickles 😀 .

Busy days ahead. I have the flight on Sunday early morning and I will reach Ireland by Sunday afternoon (time difference) . Then its back to the routine life again. I don’t know if I am happy about it or not 🙂 .


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