Cut it out

I had a fantastic experience today and I have to tell everyone about it. Everytime I come to Chennai, I look forward to my beauty treatment as its very expensive in Ireland 😦 . So this time after I reached here, my mom told me to try the new parlor next to our house and I thought why not. I went there and within 15 min I was just shuddering 😦 . It was so dirty and I could see some cockroaches, also the girls who did manicure, pedicure and waxing weren’t experienced at all. My cuticle was bleeding by the time I came home. I was so disappointed by the experience.

Within about 6 days, I decided that I would go to Lakme in Adyar. They were good but very expensive. I wanted an oil massage and the stylist suggested that I use a deep conditioner as my hair was dry. By the time they gave me the bill, I was just shocked by the price.

Apparently she charged me separately for oil massage + deep conditioner + hair wash + blow drying + manicure + pedicure which came upto Rs. 2300 . I got angry and it was stupid of them for charging me for each and every one of them. They have lost their regular customer that day. And I wasn’t happy with the way she blow dried my hair. She was using too much heat and it didn’t look as if I blow dried my hair.

Yesterday I decided to get a haircut and was very worried about where to go. I am scared of giving my hair to any stylist as they usually cut what they want and not what we want. I remembered one of my friend talking about a salon in Besant Nagar called “Cut it Out’. Apparently they are very good. So I checked their website and I was feeling ok with going there.

Today morning, I rang them up and booked an appointment for my hair cut and scalp massage. The receptionist specifically told me that they won’t charge for the hair wash as I am having scalp massage and hair cut (perhaps she know that all the salon does that). I was still skeptical when I left home. I reached there and the salon was very clean and hygienic (thank god). I was waiting for my stylist and there she was.

She took me to the seat and was checking my hair. I have to say that my hair and scalp was in a very bad condition because of the dry heat in Bhilai. I told her I wanted oil scalp massage but she suggested a conditioning scalp treatment which was about Rs. 1200 . I told her I didn’t want that expensive treatment. She then suggested a deep conditioning treatment and she specifically told me that it will cost the same price as oil massage. So I told her to go ahead with it.

She washed my hair and they did a shampoo massage on me 😀 (it’s a new thing in their salon where she massages my whole scalp with the shampoo). This was followed by  deep conditioning and then steam treatment on my hair. Everybody there were professional, no chit chatting employees (and that is more important). After that, she talked me about what kind of hair style I want. She showed me some photos and told me which might be better and then finally we decided on a look. She also told me what hairstyle would suit me based on my face shape and hair texture.

I was totally impressed with the way she handled me and by the time she finished, I was totally happy about my hairstyle. I went out to pay and was so surprised by the bill 🙂 . They had charged me for deep conditioner and hair cut which was about Rs. 1100(also includes hair wash & blow dry) which was certainly cheaper than Lakme. I told them that I was totally impressed with the stylist and they were very happy about it.

So I am going to suggest this stylist to someone who wants to go to this salon in Besant nagar. Check out their website. The stylist who I was raving about is “Dolmu”. Be sure to ask for her when you visit this salon. I am certainly going to visit only this salon next time I visit Chennai 🙂 .


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