Review : No 7 Metallic Eye Pencil

I got this No.7 eye pencil in Purple probably in January just before I went for the vacation. I don’t usually buy this brand of products because I think its expensive and not worth that kind of money. But I found this pencil in the clearance for € 4.50 and I decided to give it a try.

The formulation is very smooth and the colour is a deep purple. The product just glides on your eyes so very easily without any tugging. It looks fantastic when you swatch on your hands but when I applied on my eyes, It looked almost like black. It looks so much like a dark purple which looks like black. Maybe that might be due to the pigmentation on my eyelids or even my skin tone. I think it will look fantastic on fair skin tone.

I like this pencil despite its dark colour. The other day I applied an iridescent blue on top of my eyelids and then lined my eyes with this pencil and smudged it on top of the eyelids. It looked great with my brown eyes πŸ™‚ .

I don’t have any regrets getting this eyeliner except I don’t know if I will pay the full price to get it. But overall, It’s a fantastic eye pencil. I would love to get other colours and try it.


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