hey readers,

I am in a writer’s blog for the past 4 days 😦 . I do have some products to review which I have to take photos. This is a long weekend here and I am enjoying it spending with hubby and some friends. But I will continue my usual blogging from Tuesday. Bear with me 🙂 .

Somehow, I am finding lot of funny comics lately which I am posting it in my blog. Its all about cats as I really can relate it to my cats. My cats have practiced making us feeling guilty to the T, with all the sad looks and especially the silent treatments (I know). Eventually we end up begging them to forgive us and we are once again a happy family 😀 .

Moving on to my other stuffs, I got a new phone, Nokia n97 which I was so excited about when I got it. It took me long time to get used to it and to understand what ever button does. For the past 6 days, Nokia OVI (which is the application store online) stopped working and along with it, some of my applications also stopped working 😦 . I was totally frustrated about it and thought of just reformatting the whole phone. And what do you know? Today my phone automatically updated itself to a older version and everything started working again 🙂 .

I have been bored of reading books lately and am thinking of sketching again. I used to be a good pencil sketcher but I am wondering if I still got the talent 🙂 .

I have also started to make lifestyle changes. I have promised myself that I will drink at least 1 liter of water everyday. But for the first two days it just wasn’t possible. So I have started with 500 ml everyday for a week and then increase the intake slowly. I have promised myself to stop drinking fizzy drink, which I have done in the past. But for the past 3 weeks, somehow I am drinking lot of diet coke 😦 . I am also drinking the Tropicana orange & mango juice which I love. I still have 2 bottles at home, I am going to stop that as well as soon as I finish those bottle.

I have also promised myself 1 dessert a week and 1 junk a week 🙂 . Till now I am sticking to it as I am scared that I will put on lot of weight 😦 . I have a tendency to put on weight very easily and it takes me ages to lose it or the easy way to lose it is that I have to get sick (lol.. I know).

I have started on the drinking water mainly because I have been getting spots for the past 3 months which I hate. I have never had spots in my life and for the past year, I am getting spots every month 😦 .

To end this blog with a picture, I got one of my cat. You will realise that I am always posting this guys picture rather than my black one and that is because my black one is picture shy. I don’t have any good one of him to post 😦 . I am still trying for a best shot of him. My tabby, bommu, is watching the road in here. He loves watching cars and kids playing outside.


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