Review : Revlon Super Lustrous Shiny Sheers Lipstick

If you have been following my blog, then you know that I got 3 of these lipstick in a bargain in Debenhams 🙂 . I got Sheer Plum Drop (deep plum), Sheer Honey Drizzle (nude) and Sheer Cherry pop (red). Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them in shops lately, maybe they are discontinued.

They are sheer lipstick and they appear more of a sheer lip gloss rather than lipstick. The packaging is basic and formulation is quite different. They are very moisturising and gives a sheer deep colour. All you need is a lip pencil and this lipstick and they look awesome on your lips. My favourite is the Cherry pop, It is a fantastic sheer red colour. It brightens up my skin and I love wearing it. It also has some glitters in it and that is the only con.

The Honey drizzle is a sheer nude which just looks like a gloss in my lips but it is quite moisturising. So I keep it in the couch along with my lip balm 🙂 . The Plum drop is the least favourite as it looks almost black in my lips 😦 but I do use it rarely during a night out.

I would never have bought this in the shop as I don’t think its worth their full price which was I think nearly € 7 . But for € 1, I think its worth it 🙂 . Would I buy this again? I don’t think so. I am more of a creamy, long wearing lipstick kind of girl.

From Left to Right : 845 Sheer Plumdrop, 800 Sheer Honey Drizzle, 835 Sheer Cherry Pop


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