Trip to North

Hey Readers,

Hubby took me to Belfast on Sunday to celebrate “Yours Truly’s” Birthday 😀 . I had a fantastic time there. We left on Sunday and went straight to the Junction One outlet mall. It took us about 3 hrs drive from Dublin. We were too early as on Sunday’s, they are open only from 1 pm 😦 which gave us time to have some brunch. I wasn’t too hungry and ended up having Chicken Goujon and Strawberry Cheesecake 🙂 .

The first shop I went was the NEXT where I didn’t like anything 😦 but I did end up getting a top for about £ 3 🙂 which is a white top with green polka dots.

The next stop was obviously CCO 🙂 and I spent about 45 min in the shop. I couldn’t decide what to get, finally I ended up getting only one MAC eyeshadow and a clinique lipstick. I also bought some stuffs for Amy who is quite popular for her YouTube videos and her website. I loved being in that shop but was little bit overwhelmed and couldn’t decided what I want to buy. I bought her some eyeshadow and paint pots 🙂 .

Then I did go the Clarks shop and ended up buying a handbag 🙂 . Then went into lot of shops to just check it out. Then we left the outlet mall to go into the city. We went to the Castle court mall in Belfast which I love. I checked out Superdrug and Semi Chem (which are my favourite stores) and bought some stuffs for home. I also went to the Pound world and ended up getting a Revlon Blush for £ 1 🙂 .

Then went to Debenhams to check out the MAC counter and got a select cover concealer in NW30 and I still haven’t tried it out 🙂 . Then we had Auntie Anne’s Pretzels (drooling), I got addicted to the jalapeno pretzel when I was in Seattle 🙂 . I also got a bracelet 🙂 .

We finally ended up in our hotel. Hubby booked a Radisson for a night 😀 . The hotel recommended a restaurant near their hotel called Zen which was a Japanese restaurant. We decided to go for it and I  have to say it was the best decision. I loved the restaurant. It was basically located in a business area where all the buildings looked like a Victorian ones. But once we entered inside, it was awesome. The food was seriously amazing and every mouth was throughly enjoyed 😀 .

On Monday, we started from the hotel and then visited the Sainsbury for our grocery shopping and also the outlet mall near Newry. I didn’t find good stuffs there this time. I just ended up getting a flat shoe for summer. Finally, we had to go to Jolley’s Pet store for our kitties food 🙂 . I love that shop as they have huge selection of variety. Then we returned home about 4 pm. I was so tired from our trip.

The weather was not consistent for the past 2 days. It got hot and cold alternatively leaving me a bit chilled. Kitties were upset when we returned home and we ended up feeling guilty and of course, we begged them to forgive us. But overall, I enjoyed my B’day and I got some good stuffs to review in the future 🙂 .


2 thoughts on “Trip to North

  1. Vinodh says:

    Your husband is setting wrong standards. He should think about all the other poor souls that cannot live up to the standard he is setting. And it is wrong for you to show off like this. 🙂 Anyways looks like you had a great birthday.

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