Review : Leichner Tinted Foundation

I got this from the website Cheap Smells about nearly a month ago. I have been wanting to try this foundation for a long time and I decided to buy this from the website in the colour Blend of Biscuit which I thought would suit me 🙂 . This was priced at about € 4.70 and I thought it was a good price to give it a try. Its called Camera Clear Tinted Foundation 🙂 .

First con, this foundation has a scent to it and I can’t describe it at all. It also gives me headache after some time and I couldn’t believe that it had such a strong smell 😦 . The next con is the colour, it doesn’t suit me at all. It’s too peachy on my skin and makes it much lighter in my face. It has a very thick formula, which looks like a thick cream consistency. It does make my skin look oily and you need to set it with a powder. I also realised that setting it with a powder makes them little bit cakey 😦 .

Overall, I am not impressed with this foundation at all. Leaving aside the wrong colour, It has strong smells and I hate the consistency. definitely not worth your money 😦 .


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