Review : Vichy Silky Cream Foundation

I bought this foundation in 35 Sand from my local Pharmacy because they were having sale on them. The original price was about € 19 and I got them for € 12.67 😀 . I read that Vichy has some fantastic products so I thought why not try the foundation as it was on sale 🙂 . I always have a bad experience with foundations 😦 as its difficult to get a perfect match for my skin tone. I have two tone in my face, tanned on my chin and forehead whereas pale on my cheeks 😦 .

Let us move on to the con first, It has limited colour selection. It is also difficult to find as they are available only in some pharmacy. I had to try them in the shop and the lady there said that this colour was my closest match. You have to realise that the lady works in a pharmacy and she is not a makeup artist 🙂 . Anyhoos, I finally convinced myself to get this and give it a try. Another con, the package has only printed in french and other languages 😦 . How the **** would I know what it says? I thought English was Universal language 🙂 .

I have to say that this is the closest match I have found in a foundation but I am still not completely sure if this is the right colour for me. It is a cream foundation so I take some at the back of my hand and apply them as dots all over my face and then blend it with ELF studio line powder brush (I love this brush for blending foundation and blush). I do wait a bit and set it with translucent powder.

The packaging is a tube with about 30 ml of product. It is easy to blend and does not look oily on my face but I am not sure how it will look on a hot sunny day 🙂 . I do have to experiment with it but it was fantastic for winter (remember, I have a dry skin). I really do like this product. This foundation is for dry and sensitive skin.

Sometimes, I do add a little bit of the Maybelline bronzing booster to it so that it gives a nice luminoscity effect to the foundation. I don’t use foundations everyday but I do use them on special occasions 🙂 . Would I recommend this? I don’t know. I think its great for dry skin especially during winter. But I am not sure this will work during summer 🙂 .


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