Hair Oil

I am sure all of Indians agree with me about oil being the most important part of beauty 🙂 . I remember applying hair oil everyday and taking oil bath once a week 🙂 and that was a torture for me. Hair oil is a very important portion of daily hair care from the day babies are born. I remember my mom got organic virgin coconut oil from Kerala and making her own hair oil with curry leaves 😀 . It was supposed to make our hair strong and healthy.

Then during my teen years, I remember using the Non-sticky almond oil every other day. And hot oil massage in the parlor at least once a month with olive oil or herbal oil. I have to say that my hair is pretty healthy and it does grows fast in my opinion. And I do use hair oil at least once a week 🙂 . In India, there are loads of hair oil (probably more than 100 brands) and I have at the moment 6 types of hair oil in my home 🙂 .

I decided that I will talk about hair oil as I believe that they are an important food for our hair. Apart from the indian hair oils, I also use virgin olive oil and avocado oil. I read somewhere that lot of super-models use this as a treatment. I also have a new Parachute Ayurvedic oil which I haven’t tried yet 🙂 .

Parachute is a popular brand in India and now they have decided to branch out other types of hair oil and I use the advanced version often where it says that you just soak it in your hair for an hour and then wash it. I also have Navrathna oil which I think all India-born people will recognise 🙂 . I use them when I feel that I need a special treatment. The other two oil are just a normal non-sticky ones I apply sometime 🙂 . The other popular brand is Dabur and this particular oil, I found it in USA and probably has a middle east origin.

Do you believe that hair oil is important? I would love to know about what other think about it.


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