On Friday, May 7th was the Debenham Beauty club’s first b’day party. They celebrated it in a grand manner. I was in Blanchardtown shopping center to watch Iron Man 2 and saw that something was going on inside the Debenhams so decided to take a look at it. They had such a good offers, on every counter, they had an offer of Β Buy 2 products and get free gift. Since I am in a no-shopping ban this month, it was pretty difficult and also I don’t NEED anything from there.

Anyhoos, They have completely changed the layout there, there is no Urban Decay anymore (awww) and they have opened the Benefit counter with the brow bar. I also found Shiseido (yayy), I had my eye on the Sun Protection Liquid Foundation spf 30 which Lizasz09 talks about all the time in her YouTube. I went to the counter and asked the price of it, guess what, Its € 29 and I was seriously tempted to buy πŸ™‚ . I also wondered how much it is in UK and so I asked a fellow Tweeter to check it out when she goes shopping.

They had free drinks and some snacks there. They were also doing free make-overs and there was so much queue in each counter. I wasn’t that interested to go for the make-overs but I was interested in checking out the Clinique anti-blemish foundation. So went to the counter and told her to match my skin tone. She matched it with Beige but the issue with me is that I have a different colour in my face and neck. So whenever I match my face it looks as if I have a mask on my face which I hate.Β I was still not impressed with it.

Anyhoos, I just went around all the counter to check what they have. But the Shiseido counter keep pulling me πŸ˜€ . I also know that its discontinuing in USA so obviously I have to buy it here if I want to try it πŸ™‚ . But I am seriously going to think about it after I know the price in Pounds. Maybe hubby will buy it for me for our Anniversary πŸ˜€ .

P.S. Iron Man 2 was great. Action and gadgets, whats not to like? πŸ˜€


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