Review : Boots Cucumber Skin Freshner

I have this bottle for more than a year and I didn’t know what to do with this. I used to apply this all over the face with a cotton ball whenever I remember it and that isn’t often enough 🙂 . You will find them in Boots but lately I have seen them at all. Recently I have become a fan of facial spray and I have found a use for this 🙂 . I think it’s about € 1.50 .

It is basically a cucumber water, of course, with other stuffs in it 😀 . You use them as a facial spray, recently I have been using this spray at home whenever they catch my eyes. It certainly hydrates your skin. Important thing to remember is that it tastes little bit bitter so keep yourself from  licking your lips after spraying it on your face (hee). The con is that you need to use a cotton ball or something to  apply it on your face. But I found a solution for it 😀 , I bought a spray bottle from Boots and filled it up. Now its easy to use it as a facial spray.

Overall, it is a good facial spray. I would definitely stock it up in my kit all the time 🙂 .


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