Hello Readers,

If you are wondering why I am not posting reviews and stuffs, it’s because I have been sick for the past 5 days with flu 😦 , so my brain wasn’t working enough to post reviews 🙂 . I do enjoy posting the funny comics though 🙂 . They always make me smile.

Anyhoos, tomorrow is another busy day with last-minute buying and packing 😀 as we are flying to NICE, France on saturday (that is, if the flights are not cancelled) . I was so excited but now, I am sick and there is a chance of the flight getting cancelled 😦 so I am not that excited anymore. But I will be updating from Nice everyday just like I did from Paris and hopefully this time with pictures.

The weather in Dublin has changed drastically which lead to my getting sick. Do I need to visit the doctor? Because I know that he will give me antibiotics which will upset my stomach and kill my taste buds, and which will be the worst thing to happen when I was dreaming of french food 🙂 . I am trying natural remedies as well like drinking lot of ginger tea and inhale steam, etc, etc .

Sorry Readers for disappointing you, but It will get interesting in the next week (hopefully) .


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