Day 1 in Nice

Let me start from the beginning of today,  I didn’t sleep last night because of the cough & nose block 😦 so I barely had any sleep, roughly about 2 hrs 😦 . I got up by 6.30 am and left to the airport by 8 am. Don’t let me start with the airport, I hate the security queue. I stood in the queue for the Aer Lingus for about 30 min and then followed by 30 min standing for the security check. By the time we went inside, I was hungry and irritated because of little sleep.

I went straight to the Butler’s Chocolate to get myself a hot chocolate, lemon & poppy seed muffin, brownie and a Sweet Chilli Chicken wrap to take with me on the flight. I also got myself some magazines for the flight. Our flight started by 11 am but it felt like forever by the time we landed in Nice, France. The flight time is 2.5 hrs but still I was impatient, cranky with lack of sleep.

Lesson Learnt : If you are sick during your flight, your nose will get blocked more because of the altitude problem 😦 . I wasn’t expecting that and my nose drops were in my luggage 😦 . I was breathing through my mouth so my throat got dry and I was coughing a lot 😦 . It was basically a horrible flight for me.

Anyhoos, we were the last people to get down from the plane, so last in the queue for the passport control 😦 . All I could think was my day is getting worse and worse. So finally got a taxi and went to our hotel. The weather was fantastic, about 20 deg 😦 and our hotel for the first 2 nights is on top of the hill with the view of the whole city and the airport. It was a beautiful view.

Moving on to our room, all I can say is its clean, small and doesn’t have lot of space to keep stuffs. But ultimately, we are paying for the view rather than the room 😀 . By the  time we reached our room it was 4 pm and I was so tired and thought that I will rest for sometime. But I knew that once I sleep, I won’t get up. So we left our room by 5.15 pm and decided to go to the city center.

We had to walk to the tram station (which by the way look exactly like our luas) and it was about 15 min walk to the station in a downhill road :(. And Guess what, the tram ticket is € 1 (rip off Ireland) and we can travel for the next 74 min and that includes the bus as well. Seriously, Ireland should take a note of stuffs like this. Moving on, we waited for the tram for about 20 min but there was no sign of it. A helpful receptionist told us that all the shops close by 7 pm. So we decided to walk along that road and see if we could get something to eat rather than wait for the tram.

What do you know? the tram came when we were just 5 min from the station 🙄 and we didn’t find any shop at all for about 15 min. I was so tired and kept thinking of the bed 🙂 . We went into some supermarket, got some stuffs to eat and went to the bus stop rather than walk back to our hotel. We waited for about 15 min and then the bus came. By the time we reached our room, I was just exhausted. I am still recovering from the headcold and I just couldn’t cope at all 😦 .

Anyhoos, that’s the story on my day 1 . Nothing interesting happened, I am still sick (coughing and nose block). Hopefully, I have some fantastic stuffs to tell tomorrow 🙂 .


2 thoughts on “Day 1 in Nice

  1. Well i was hoping to read something more positive about Nice because this city is amazing. I will look forwards for new posts, and i hope there will be less sad smiles.

    • Charan says:

      It is a amazing city but I was just blogging about how my day went 🙂 . If you want to stay in a hotel and just bake in the sun, then its a fantastic place. but if you want to go around, you need more time and that is what we didn’t have 🙂

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