Day 2 in Nice

What a day? Last night I was so tired that I slept by 8 pm and got up in the morning at 6.30 pm 🙂 . I had a continuous deep sleep after a long time. But after getting up in the morning I was still tired, so we both slept again by 8 am and got up at 11.30 am. We really had a long good sleep. In Nice, on Sunday, all shops are closed. So we decided to go to Saint Paul which is a nearby village.

We went to the bus station by the tram and we still had some time for our bus. So we ended up having lunch in an Indian fast food restaurant 🙂 and the food was seriously excellent. I had Palak Panner with Naan and hubby had Briyani. I think my palak was the best 🙂 . Then we still had sometime after our lunch so we ended walking through the streets near by. I went into the spices shop and some organic soap shop. I bought some soap, lavender seeds and Eau de Nice (which is a special to nice and its a cologne).

Then we caught the bus to Saint Paul which is about 45 min drive and we paid € 1 (we would have paid about easily about € 6 in the bus to Navan). Anyhoos, It’s basically a walled city on top of a mountain and its an old city as well. It had small street which looked fantastic and I ended up in a shop where they were selling fantastic necklaces. I bought 2 of them 🙂 . We also had banana nutella crepes with fries 😀 .

View from the city

Saint Paul, view from the bus.

We then caught the bus back to Nice and ended up having dinner in the same Indian fast food joint 🙂 and we caught the tram back to our hotel. The difficult thing was walking back from the tram to the hotel which is about 15 min walk up the hill 😦 , you can just imagine me walking, breathing hard as my nose was blocked, so my throat got dried up, etc, etc . By the time we reached our hotel, I was panting like a dog.

Anyhoos, that was our interesting second day in Nice. I do like the city, its beautiful. I am also posting a picture of the stuffs I bought.


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