Day 3 in Nice

I had the most horrible night 😦 , I was coughing very badly which left me sleepless. I woke up at 9.30 pm because I have to check out by 11.30 pm but I was so tired with lack of sleep 😦 . Anyhoos, hubby’s conference started from today so he left the hotel by 8 am. Then after checking out, I stayed in the hotel’s breakfast room till about 2 pm. During that time, I read a book, watched a movie and played with their dog (who is so cute).

Then I left the hotel to go the city center by tram. I have to talk about the French people and dogs, 90% of them has dogs mostly the smaller ones. They are even allowed in some buses and shopping center which was surprising. I have become an avid dog watcher 😀 and I watch out for the dogs on the road which is quite a time pass 🙂 . Anyhoos, today I decided to go to the shopping street. I got down near Galeries Lafayette and then walked up the street and what do you know? I saw BATA shop 😀 (like the shoe shop in India). I also saw some recognised shop names like Mango, Zara, Foot Locker and New Look.

Finally I ended up going to Monoprix which is like a department store like our Tesco. I loved checking out their beauty and cosmetic section. They have so many french cosmetic brands but they are quite expensive like about € 10 lipstick and I also saw the Nivea has cosmetics like foundation, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, etc. I ended up in the skin care section where they has an awesome collection of french brands but it is quite expensive. Finally I ended up buying a shampoo which I wanted to try just because I liked the smell of it 😀 and some sandwiches for dinner. I also bought a dessert, a cake called Noisettine, which I swear taste just like the prasad in Gurudwara 🙂 .

I also ended up going into Sephora but didn’t buy anything. I also went around Galeries Lafayette where I wanted to check out Shiseido but the one product which I was looking for was not there 🙂 . I just walked around the street till hubby finished his conference and then we changed our hotel to Radisson 🙂 . The hotel is just right infront of the beach and it is quite posh. The room is fantastic, huge with good-sized bathroom and shelves to store some clothes.

I have to say given the choice between room with a view and room with large space, I would definitely prefer the latter. Overall, it was not much of a productive day but I just enjoyed going into the shops to check out what they have. I don’t have any pictures for you today but maybe tomorrow I will take a picture of Sephora and I also wanted to visit this huge shopping mall which I didn’t go into.

Stay tuned for Day 4 (Hint : Might go to Cannes tomorrow, not decided).


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