Day 6 & 7 in Nice

Day 6

It was a pretty boring day. I got up late and went to the city center and we decided to just walk in the beach 🙂 . We went to monoprix to get some fruits and some dessert for us. We then ended up walking to the beach. It was so sunny and bright that I thought I will get a tan 🙂 . We must have walked for about more than 6 km 🙂 and then finally ended up in our hotel. The net is so slow that I hate sitting in the chair and waiting for it.

That’s the end of our day there. Nothing interesting. But I did see lot of Indian tourist there on the beach 🙂 .

Day 7

We decided to go to Annot which is about a 2 hrs in train. The path is supposed to be beautiful with mountain views so hubby wanted to try it. Our plan was to catch the train at 9 am but I got sick that night. My cough was seriously bad, I ended up coughing whenever I lie down 😦 , which led to sore throat and more coughing. So I couldn’t get up in the morning. We then decided to catch the 12.45 pm train.

I finally got up at 10 am and we went to catch the train. I was looking forward for the ride because I remember I  loved the Cannes trip in train. But what do you know, the train is like a Bombay local 😦 , It was just 2 coach and lot of people. Some of us had to stand in the train which was awful with all the crowd 😦 . The day was so hot that once I got into the train I could feel myself melting and stinking with all the sweat, etc 😦 .

But the view was really amazing, lot of mountains, rivers and valleys. I also realised that since it was a non-ac train, the windows were open and we crossed a gravel digging area (I hope that the right word), the minute we neared the area, I could see a cloud of dust and I knew that my day is gonna get worse 😦 . I could feel the dust settling in my throat which led to my clearing the throat all the time.

Anyhoos, the train journey itself was tiring for me with little sleep and still sick but the view was really great. We had to get down in some city and then take a bus trip to Annot. We ended up crossing Entrevaux which is a walled city surrounded by water. It was fantastic. We finally ended up in Annot, it was just a beautiful hilly city. We ended up going to a cafe and had a sandwich and hot chocolate. By that time, It started raining 😦 . While coming back to the bus, I ended up getting wet in rain.

So we caught the bus and train back to Nice and ended up there by 6.30 pm. I was so tired and had a hell of a headache. We then caught the tram to Monoprix to get some sandwiches and then went back to the hotel. I was so tired with the headache and I could feel that my body is so tired. I tried to sleep early but my mind was not at all tired. Within an hour, I started coughing and I realised that my wheezing had started because of the dust 😦 .

It was the worst night so far with horrible coughing and wheezing and I already had 3 tbsp of cough syrup but it was just not helping. I realised that i had to go to the doctor on Monday and I hoped I could be ok till then 😦 .


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