Review : Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick

I have been a fan of Clinique lipstick from the moment I started using my Nude Spurge. I am person who love cream/satin finish lipstick. I am not a fan to shimmery lipstick. The one I bought is called 453 Warm Rose. I bought them in CCO for about £ 8. This is a Rose brown colour which i really like. It’s almost my lip colour but just darker. It is a perfect nude for me 🙂 . True nude colour wash me out so this colour works out fine for me.

The packaging is a shiny stainless steel which is very attractive and a change from the plastic ones 🙂 . The formula is amazing as I have said before. It is so creamy that it just glide in your lips. I love the formula 😀 and I would buy this again and again. After using it for sometime, I wanted to see the description of this colour so I checked out their website. I couldn’t find it at all 😦 . I also noticed that the writings were in some Asian language (probably Chinese, don’t know).

They don’t even describe the colour in the lipstick case. I could just see the number 453. So I started googling them and finally found that its only for the Asian market, maybe they changed the name in the other countries but I was hoping that they will keep the number but I couldn’t find the number at all 😦 . Which is a shame because I really like the colour for normal days when I don’t feel like bright lips and Its perfect when I have bright eyes 🙂 .

I am a total fan of the formulation of Clinique lipstick. Have you used it? What shade is your favourite?


One thought on “Review : Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick

  1. pam says:

    am having problems finding this lipstick. have been told it is discontinued!!! what is wrong with them!
    if you know of a place i can buy this item, please say…. it was my favourite!

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