Review : Revlon Lustrous Lipstick

I found this lipstick in Kiss of  Coral in Boots clearance section for about € 2 and I wanted to try it 🙂 . Somehow the coral colour doesn’t suit me at all. It too bright and my lips looks prominent, not in the good way. So I found a way to use this, I first apply the Eyeko Fat balm in Strawberry  and then apply this lipstick on top of  it and it looks like orangey red lipstick which is wearable for me 🙂 .

The lipstick is a matt lipstick and creamy to when applied. I like how it applies and it doesn’t have any wierd scent 🙂 . The only problem I have is with the colour. This is maybe a little too matte for me, I prefer the satin or the cream finish lipsticks. I am not that fond of this lipstick though it was ok to try for the price I bought it for.

I don’t think I would be buying anymore matte lipsticks 😀 .


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