Got 2 packages today

I have been wanting a good eye cream and hubby suggested to get a good cream. So I checked out Cheap Smells and I found that Clarins eye cream is considerably cheaper than Debenhams. So, of course, I had to order it and then of course I started adding stuffs in the cart 😀 . And what do you know? I had about 6 items in the shopping cart and then I reduced it to 3 items which I wanted to try 🙂 .

I got the Clarins eye cream, Max Factor lipstick in Berry and Sun kissed eye shadow palette. I got the package today and of course like last time it took me 9 days including the weekend 😦 . At least, the product were packed very well. Of course, I had to try the lipstick as soon as I got it in my hand 🙂 . I found out that it a cool toned berry colour which I have never seen anything like that. It will make my teeth look more yellow 😦 . But I do like the colour on my no-makeup face 😀 and all I have to do is not smile (heee).

My next packaging is from Star Makeup Haven 😀 . This is my first time ordering from their website. This is an USA based website selling high-end brand cosmetics for low price, also empty palettes for pressing the pigments and They also have their own brand of eyeshadows which I have my eye on after I saw KarlaSugar’s Swatches 😀 .  I have been wanting to buy the empty palettes to press all my pigments so I ordered from their website 🙂 .

It also took 9 days for the package to reach me 🙂 . They were packed very good with bubble wrapped envelope and they were sweet enough to add a sample of their eye shadow called frenzy (yayyy). I am so looking forward to try it. As you know, I have a lot of pigment sample in my vanity. So I have decided to press them into a palette which will be easier to use and fantastic for travel 🙂 .

I also bought all the ingredients necessary for pressing so they DIY will be done next week 🙂 . I ordered 2 palettes with pans, one with 28 wells and other will 15 wells. The 15 one looks so small 🙂 . But I am excited about the project 🙂 .


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