Review : Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

I got this on the debenhams clearance sale in Glossy Rose for € 1 😀 . Apparently, they are popular and liked by lot of people. The packaging is simple and attractive.  It is light rose with golden shimmers in it. I got it just because it was a bargain. I usually use them on top of my pink or plum lipstick to give it a glossy effect.

The formula is good, not sticky and better pigmentation than others. But I don’t see why they rave about this gloss. I find NYX mega lipgloss much more pigmented and better formulation than this one and its also cheaper than Revlon. Its ok If you find any bargain but otherwise the original price is about € 8 and I would rather buy the NYX for $ 3.50 or even the Prestige lip gloss which I still have them in my purse.

Overall, it’s a good gloss but nothing to rave about.


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