Sale Season

The sale season has started in Ireland 😦 which is a scary thing for me. I end up buying stuffs just because it’s on sale. I told myself that I won’t be buying anything this year. But you just can’t help yourself, can you?

About a week ago, I realised that I don’t have a summer flat sandal which I can walk comfortably. The sandals which I have some heel in it which is difficult to walk for a long time. I  had a very much-loved summer sandal for the past 2 years which I bought from Clarks and it was made of brown leather. I could just walk for hours and hours in it. But when I went to India this time, I left it there as I bought some new sandals in India. I have been regretting that decision through out the summer 😦 .

So today hubby took me to the shopping center where I decided that I will keep an eye on a comfortable summer wear. And the first shop which caught my eye was  Barrott’s where they were having a sale. Within 5 min of entering the shop, I found 2 items which interested me 🙂 . And of course, I ended up buying both. But I do think that they were both a good bargain 🙂 .

The first was a flat sandal which I could walk comfortably (or so I think) and the other was sketchers casual shoe which I absolutely loved. The colour was fantastic, it was dark brown with a little bit of chinese cloth print in the middle and I got it in one size bigger as I like it little bit comfortable while walking.

And hopefully I am done with this sale season 😀 .


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