Review : Wet and Wild Silk Finish Blush

This blush is called Heather Silk. I got this about 2 years ago after reading a blog post about using this blush as a bronzer. It is a golden brown colour which is fantastic as a contour and also bronzer. I think this is less than $ 3 which is a good price to try.

The packaging is very flimsy and more on the plastic side. The transparent glass in the front is loose and keeps moving and the brush in them is completely useless. Moving on to the product, It is finely milled and the pigmentation is great. Usually the bronzer looks muddy brown/dirt on my skin tone. But this one looks more golden brown on my skin which is good and also makes a great contour.

It blends amazing into the skin and it just melts and the colour pay off is good as well. And you have to agree that not all cheap packaging has cheap products 😀 . I love Wet and Wild products as they are inexpensive but the products are great. I think this is a must in your makeup kit that is if you are not a snob 🙂 . Sometimes the best products you find are from the inexpensive kind 🙂 .


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