Review : MAC Eye Shadow in Tete-a-Tint

This is my first MAC eyeshadow and I really wanted to have one for a long time. I got this in CCO in Northern Ireland for £ 7 (I think). It’s a complete matte eye shadow which looks like a skin colour but it gives a browny nude colour with a hint of peach.

When I saw this colour, I thought it will be a fantastic nude/skin colour on me. But when I applied, it gave me a light brown colour which was not exactly what I was expecting 🙂 . It has the simple black packaging with transparent plastic on top. The plastic is a better quality and doesn’t feel cheap. The formulation is good. It is finely milled and blends easily on the eyes. It is a good all over colour on the eyes and you can add a dark brown on the crease and it will look simple with a eyeliner 😀 .

But I am not reaching for this one all the time. It’s not that I don’t like it but it’s not an attractive option for me 🙂 . But I do have a list of MAC eyeshadows to try and I will definitely get them if I think its unique or If I think I will it more often 🙂 .


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