Review : Catrice Soft Powder Rouge

I got this in an outlet mall in a bargain for 5 for £ 10 . I also got some other product with this one. This is a blush called Terracotta Brown. I thought this would make a lovely contour colour so I got this one.

The packaging feels like a cheap plastic but for me packaging is not everything 🙂 . The colour is exactly as it says more of a brown with orange tint. The first time I tried this, I couldn’t believe how Catrice had made such a worst product 😦 . I am a fan of Catrice nail polishes and I think they are good for the money. But this is one of the worst product of theirs. It doesn’t have any colour pay off. I had to scrape the product to get some colour 😦 . I was totally shocked to find that this is one of the worst stuff which I have bought. I have swatched their eye shadows and I thought they were ok.

I am really not happy with this product. Maybe this was a worst batch or something. But I really hope Catrice takes a note and make a better blush.

P.S. I saw their counter this weekend and realised that this must be a old packaging so maybe the new packaging has a better formula.


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