Seattle.. Here I come..

Hello Readers,

I am moving away from Dublin, Ireland to Seattle, USA 😀 . Our flight is for tomorrow morning at 10. 30 am so I have been busy for the past 2 weeks with packing and visiting friends. Our cats are also moving with us 🙂 as we didn’t even think of leaving them behind. At first, our plan was to take them with us in the same flight we were on but they called us yesterday morning and told us that the temperature in Seattle is too high for the cats to fly 😦 .

We were quite upset yesterday and worried about what to do. And we ended up contracting the Pet Travel company to help us. They were very professional and they came today in the afternoon and took them 😦 and you know what is the worst part, Today is their birthday 😦 and my babies are 4 yrs old now. I am upset about that. They said we will get them only on Wednesday 😦 .

I was upset from yesterday about it. My blackie will totally get upset and won’t eat. I worry about them a lot because they will be scared in a strange environment. At least, I will get the house ready there in the USA for them. We have 3 suitcase with us and they are seriously heavy 🙂 .

I am going to miss all my friends here 🙂 . I know that it takes a long time to get good friends and I don’t like being lonely 😦 . But I guess I will be busy with other stuffs at least for a month or so. There are a lot of stuffs to do there, looking for house, buying furniture, car, kitchen stuffs, etc, etc . At the moment, I am exhausted with all the packing and cleaning of this house.

I think it still hasn’t sunk in yet that I am leaving. I don’t feel any different but the reality will set in once I am there 🙂 . But look on the bright side, makeup, shopping and food (yummmm). What do you know? I am going there during the sale season 😀 . So it’s not that bad, right? 😀

I will reaching there tomorrow evening Seattle time and probably will start blogging from Sunday ( If there is internet there). But If I don’t, then please bear with me till I get settled there 🙂 .


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