Review : MAC Select Cover-up

As you all know, I am always on the look out for a perfect concealer which works on my dark circles. I have been wanting to buy MAC for a long time as they seem to be quite popular. I finally decided to go for it When I was in Belfast and I bought it in Debenhams for £ 12.50. The makeup artist convinced me to get this instead of the concealer in the pot so i decided to go for it.

The packaging is in the tube and it has about 10 ml of product. The makeup artist matched me with both NW25 and NW30. I decided to go for  NW30 because I felt the NW25 was too light under my eyes 🙂 . The consistency is on the liquid side but I realised that all you need is a dot to cover one eye. It works well with a brush rather than your fingers. But the coverage is on the medium side which i wasn’t comfortable with but when I applied the pressed powder on top of it, it looked better.

As you need very little, this will last for a long time but somehow I am not reaching for this at all. During summer, it looks too sheer on me which leads to melting off if I didn’t apply powder on top of it. It does look good when I try to conceal some of the scars on my cheek 🙂 .

I do think Revlon concealer works better than this one but I don’t hate MAC, It’s just not my favourite 🙂 . Maybe next time I will try the pot MAC concealer.


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