Adjusting to USA..

Hello Readers,

How do I adjust to this new city? Its been almost a month since I reached here and almost a week since we moved into this new area. I keep wondering how do I make new friends? This city is filled with Indian population. I see more Indians than Dublin and It feels weird 🙂 . I keep wondering how can I just knock on my neighbors door and just introduce myself. I am way too shy for that 🙂 .

I do feel lonely now that I have finally settled in one place. It feels weird not visiting my friends over the weekend. I do know that I have to make new friends and I am not ready for that. It is difficult to find friends who actually gel with you. But surprisingly the weather for the past 3 days is similar to Dublin, cold and wet 🙂 . There is a library just 5 min walk from our house and lot of restaurants are nearby as well. I really need to go out and find some friends.

Other than that, it’s not a bad place to live 🙂 . People are friendly and I would definitely say that food is not cheaper than Dublin. My parents are coming over next weekend so at least I won’t be lonely till the end of September but I do have to find friends within that time. I think I have forgotten how to make friends 🙂 . It would have been nice to know at least someone in this city but alas I don’t know anybody.

My cats are adjusting to this new place as well. They have been waking us up early in the morning. My blackie sleep throughout the day and keep waking us up in the night 😦 . They want their food by 4.30 am and we are getting really pissed about that. The worst thing is we don’t have a door in the living room to lock them up so that becomes a problem. Once they get adjusted to this new place, we are thinking of locking them up in the garage during the night as it’s the only way we could get a full night sleep.

I am so sorry readers if I am posting lot of ramblings in my blog rather than reviews but this blog is actually about what I want to write. Till next time 😀 .


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