Review : Wet and Wild Double Action Mascara

I got this mascara from Amy’s gift bag when I met her last November. I didn’t open this for a long time as I was still trying to finish my old mascara. I didn’t have much interest in trying to use this as I have been disappointed with the non-expensive brand mascara’s. I think the price is about $ 4 which is not bad and I can’t seem to find this exact mascara in the shop so maybe  they are discontinued.

The package is different with one side containing the primer and the other side with the mascara. The concept is similar to the Loreal Mascara. The brush is a bristle fiber and surprisingly the formula is not bad for such an inexpensive brand. The application is smooth and even with no clumps.

I am not a fan of the primer so I avoided it 🙂 . I went to the mascara straight away and I was really surprised by how much I liked it. I tend to go for this mascara when I am out meeting friends and when its a special occasion I reach out for my Rimmel Mascara. I really like how it separates my lashes and make is so dark that it makes such a difference to my eyes.

On causal days, all you need is a mascara and a lipstick and it will make such a difference to your face 🙂 .


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