Travelling around Seattle

Even though I have been to  Seattle last year, I still had some places to travel this time. The first place we went to was the Tacoma Zoo where we want to go mainly to see the Tiger cubs 🙂 . They were so cute that I wanted to take them home 🙂 . We did see lot of other animals but these were the cutest things ever and the aquarium had such colorful reefs. It did take 1 hour drive from our home to get there. The weather was cold and little bit windy and towards the end it rained as well.

Tiger Cubs


My parents had come over and  we wanted to take them somewhere. So we went to places we already visited again. And that includes the Northbend Outlet mall  and the Premier Seattle outlet mall. We also went to a Blueberry farm to pick the fruit ourselves. We nearly picked 5 lbs of it 🙂 . Then we had a little picnic in a tail near the Blueberry farm where it lead to a stream 🙂 .

Can you see the Blueberries?


Stream near a trail


One evening we took went to the Seattle Needle and when we went to the top, it was so cold and windy that we didn’t stay there for long 🙂 . And another trip was to the Pike’s Market 🙂 . I love this market, there are so many shops to just go and see. And most of all, I love the food shops, they have some of the best food in Seattle. The street also has the first Starbucks in the USA 🙂 . The first was a Russian shop called Pirosky which is my favourite 😀 , I had the most amazing Chicken Pirosky which is like a huge puff with chicken filling. My mom had the cinnamon roll and my dad had the the potato, onion and cheese pirosky. They also have a cheesecake shop which is quite good as well. And one of my favorite shop to browse is the House of Jade 🙂 and I also got a Jade pendent for my cousin.


Seattle Needle



View from the Seattle Needle




One of the longest trip is to see the Mount St. Helen which is an active volcano. This was last active in 1980 and it took us about 2 and 1/2 hrs to reach the base of the valley. It was a cloudy day and the weather did predict rain 😦 . The whole road to the observatory was a scenic route with lot of pit stop in between to see some of the wonderful views. And when we went to the observatory to see the volcano, what do we see, fog covering the volcano 😦 . Seriously the fog was so dense that we couldn’t see half a feet ahead. It was such a disappointing trip 😦 . On our way back, hubby wanted to visit a 19 Mile Cafe which was suppose to have the best food around. So there we went to have a something hot but when we went inside the cafe we got hungry 😀 . So hubby and bro ordered burger where as my parents ordered the Grilled cheese and I ordered sweet potato fries and onion rings. They were the best food ever. Everything was freshly made and products are from the farms around the cafe. I suggest you guys have to visit the cafe when you visit the volcano. We also got a strawberry cobbler because they are famous for their cobbler’s 🙂 . They also make amazing hot apple cider 😀 .


View at one of the pit stop



This is what we were suppose to see



Just to show you how foggy it was 🙂



There are so many places to go around Seattle, mainly its usually a drive with a scenic route. As you all know I am a foody, love trying all kinds of foods so most of the time I tend to go to food shops 🙂 . I have been drinking lots of Starbucks hot chocolate and some of the QFC’s hot soups. They are seriously good 🙂 . We also went to a Farmer’s market and got some fresh fruits and vegetables. We also had some amazing Coldstone ice creams.

I almost forgot the Godiva chocolate shop and of course, Daiso which is a Japanese dollar shop. It is a amazing shop to browse. My favourite in the Godiva is the White chocolate covered Oreo biscuits. I still want to drive to the Deception pass again but lets see if we can do that before my parents return home by the end of this month 🙂 .


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