Review : Max Factor Lipstick

I got this Max Factor lipstick from Cheap Smell in June. The lipstick is in the colour Berry. I love the berry colour, so I decided to get them and check it out as it was quite inexpensive. It is a frosty rose colour rather than berry colour.

I have to be real honest with you, I HATED everything about this lipstick. The colour was so weird on my medium skin tone. It was a frosty rose colour and it totally made me look pale and sick. The formulation is seriously bad. It looked as it the glitters/frost settled in the lines in the lips accentuating your flaws 😦 . I have used this only once and decided that it’s not worth it. I also realised that it made my teeth look yellow 😦 .

I haven’t used the normal lipstick by Max Factor so I can’t compare it with them. But if you see the packaging similar to this, then stay away from them. It is so not worth the money.

P.S. Sorry I haven’t been reviewing for a long time. I just lost inspiration for the past 3 months. Hopefully I should be regular in the following days. I have lots of new products to review once I am done with the old ones 😀 .


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