Regent Bakery & Cafe

This is an Asian bakery and cafe in Redmond area which was introduced to us by a friend 🙂 . This is a small bakery and it also serves Chinese food for dinner. They are absolutely amazing. I love their fried rice noodles and the best part is the bakery 😀 . The prices are reasonable and the area for seating is very small but the food is totally worth the wait.

When you order, the food is served within 10 min. Isn’t it awesome? We don’t have to wait for our food till the hunger goes off. The people there are very good and the food is excellent.

The first time we went there, I had the hot and sour soup, some saucy udon noodles and they were so good. For dessert, I had the mango cake and they had real mango pieces in them (yummmmm). So we decided to return there today as I was craving for some good noodles. I had the Singapore rice noodles and ovaltine hot drink 😀 . The noodle was so good that I finished them within 5 min :D.

This time for dessert I had a take away of some nice plain cakes and coconut cream bun :D. I am so happy that we found this wonderful bakery. I definitely give this shop one of the must places to visit in Seattle for a foodie 🙂 .


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