Review : Bloom Lip Stain

I got the color in Berry. It is in the lipstick form and the packaging is like a lipstick as well (twist and turn). It is quite expensive for a lip stain for a drugstore/Boots product.

The first time I tried it, It looked nothing like a lip stain just a plain lip tint like my Revlon Shiny Sheers. I have to say that I tried it only once and the second time I just couldn’t make the lip stain come out 😦 . It was broken. What a waste of money? I really hope I got the only faulty product because people are not going to like it if they spend about € 9-12 on a this product and it refuse to work.

Other than that, What can I say? I advise you that there is lot of lip stain out in the market which are quite inexpensive and I have bought one recently and will review it soon πŸ™‚ . I love the Revlon Shiny sheer and Body shop sheer as well. My advise would be to invest in a great lip liner and apply all over the lips and then apply the sheer lipstick on top. Viola!! you will look great.


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