Day 1 in Maui, Hawaii

Friday was a hectic day for me as I had an appointment in the morning and we had a plane to catch in the afternoon. We left home by 1.30 pm. Thankfully we didn’t have any problem in the airport except for the long security queue which was expected. Hubby treated me to  a foot massage in the airport 😀 which was so much-needed. The travel time was 6 hrs and I had a bad feeling that I was going to be bored to death during the flight. I slept right off for an hour after the take off.

I did buy some snacks and sandwiches for the travel which was very good. I got the Style magazine which I loved browsing 🙂 . I found 2 new scents which I loved. One was Estee Lauder Beautiful and other was Dolce & Gabbana light blue. I slowly started making lists from that magazine 🙂 . It is going to be added to my wish list of shopping. I also read a book and finally we reached Maui. It was a pretty bad landing because of the wind.

Once we got out of the airport, all I could feel was the warm breeze 🙂 . It reminded me of Chennai evening breeze in Besant Nagar. I loved the wind in my hair 😀 . We then rented a car and began our journey to our hotel at about 9 pm . Our hotel was in Lahanai which was about 22 miles from the airport. The worst thing was the speed limits, the highway had the highest of 55 mph 😦 and it felt like we were going so slow. We finally reached the hotel and we were so happy when they gave us an upgrade to a wonderful suite with partial view of the ocean 😀 .

Today was our first day in Maui. We decided to get up late and have a relaxing day. So we got up by 8.30 am and slowly got ready and went out to the beach infront of our hotel and had our breakfast. We then decided to visit the main street of Lahanai to see some shops. We slowly walked the whole street and went to all the shops there. I totally fell in love with the Hawaiian print clothes 😀 but they were expensive and maybe I will be tempted enough to buy one 🙂 . We then slowly reached an Ice cream shop and I had a coconut pineapple ice cream 😀 and it was absolutely yummy. It had the perfect sweetness for me.


I also visited a discount store and got lot of stuffs which I loved 🙂 which includes fridge magnet, of course. I also got the coffee cup with a hawaii dancing-girls pictures 🙂 and lot of cute little sovereigns. We then walked had a lunch and by the time we reached our car, I realised that the sand from the beach has caused blisters in my feet 😦 . It was quite painful to walk towards the end. We then decided to visit the Walmart to get some food and snacks for the rest of the week.

I had a lovely breakfast of Tomato tortilla filled with tofu salad and a fruit bowl 😀 . And our lunch was Grilled vegetables and chicken and of course a snack of some nuts 🙂 . I still have to taste some of the hawaiian cusinie but we are planning to attend a Luau and we definitely will try some there.

Overall, it was a pleasant and tiring day. The heat was getting to me towards the afternoon leading to a headache but the view of the beach bought such calmness. The sea was so blue and I could also see some purple as well 🙂 . I am loving the beach view and the wind in the evening. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day as well, hopefully 🙂 .


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