Day 2 & 3 in Maui, Hawaii

Day 2

We decided to have a relaxing day again, starting with a late start-up and going to the Lahaina Town again to check out the cruises and the activities. I loved browsing the street again and finally had a lovely lunch of turkey burger and browsed the street again drooling over the lovely Hawaiian print dresses and looking at the people. We then decided to go to luau which is like a Hawaiian dinner with dancing in our hotel.

The luau started with drinks and I had a fruit punch which had passion fruit, guauva and pineapple 🙂 . It was awesome. It was then followed by dinner buffet. They had some Hawaiian delicacies like mahi mahi fish and poi which I avoided, of course 😀 . I had a simple meal as I wasn’t hungry much followed by wonderful dessert of coconut cake and chocolate cake which was so good. It was then followed by the traditional Hawaiian dance. I loved the show. It had a bunch of girls and guys performing some Hawaiian dance and they were so graceful. There was one dance with half-naked men 😀 which was so good as all the guys were hot looking 😀 .

The show went on for about 30 min and then when we came out, I saw a shop of local hand crafts like purses made with leaves. They looked so good that I was tempted to buy but hearing that it was $ 85, it put me off 🙂 . We then walked around the hotel for some time and returned to our room.

By the way, the reason I am not updating every day is that we don’t have internet included so I told hubby that I would do without it every other day but I want to check my mails at once in 2 days. It is really frustrating because in Hawaii every thing is extra. Do you want to park your car in the hote? its extra. Do you want internet? its extra. What the hell were they thinking? I think it will be nice if they could at least allot 1 hr of internet per day to each room. Anyhoos, ranting over 🙂 .

Day 3

Today We decided to go around north maui which is about 5 hrs drive around. The scenery was so good along the way. We first stopped for lunch in a lovely deli and had a rye bread sandwich. We slowly went up north enjoying the view. The drive was good except that we stopped at lot of places to look at the view along the way. It was so hot and I was sweating like mad. Not even half way through, the road turned rural and we were travelling up the mountains. The road was just a single lane and it was so difficult to travel as we had to drive slowly and it took forever to travel even a small distance.

Along the way, lot of natives were selling fruits and banana bread. I thought it was strange that they were selling bread and so we decided to buy one and try. It was seriously the best banana bread I had in some time. It was so moist and the banana taste was the right amount. We then drove to Iao valley which is a rainforest. We went for a nature walk in it and decided to return home as I was getting tired from the heat.

On the way back to our room, we saw Tropical plantation. The drive back to our hotel took about an hour and I was just so damn tired of sitting in the car all day and shaking half the time on uneven roads. So by the time, we reached the hotel it was already 5.30 pm so I decided that I don’t want to go out for dinner and settled for sandwich 🙂 . And that concludes our last 2 days. Tomorrow we have booked the Dolphin cruise and it is early in the morning 🙂 .


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