Day 4 & 5 in Maui, Hawaii

Day 4

Today we decided to go on a cruise to see Dolphins and Whales followed by snorkelling. We got the tickets from the Pacific Whale Foundation and started quite early in the morning. We left the hotel by 7.15 am which led me to wake up at 6 am which was too early for me 😦 . We did reach there on time as the cruise started at 8 am. There were so many people on that cruise that I thought we wouldn’t have space to sit but surprisingly everybody went up on the deck leaving the down stairs free 🙂 .

The trip was about 1 hour into the sea to an Island called Lanai where the snorkelling is supposed to be good. Just 10 min into the sea, we started spotting the whales and the captain was seeing that you don’t see many whales this time of the year because it was not a whale season. In Hawaii, the whale season is usually from Jan to Mar. We saw nearly 5-6 whales coming up on the sea and diving down leaving us a view of their tails, find and their blow-hole where they breathe. It was an amazing sight.

This was followed by a light breakfast of fruit and cake on the cruise. We then moved along the coast of Lanai to get to the bay where they usually dock. Lanai doesn’t have much population except for some posh hotels and B&B. We then saw the Four Seasons, Lanai which was the most beautiful resort I have seen with a white buildings and light green roofs. They even had a private beach and this is where the hollywood actors come and stay 🙂 . They even had a private condos along the sides of the hotel.

We finally reach the bay where the snorkelling was allowed. It was just a rocky bay with huge cliffs. They even had lava rocks on the edge of the bay. I refused to do snorkelling as I don’t know swimming and I was just plain scared to get into the water that deep. But all the cruise people told me that because of the sea water I won’t sink but just float. But still I wasn’t convinced, but hubby went ahead and enjoyed it very much. He was in the water for nearly an hour as it took him some time getting used to the snorkelling equipments. He did say that he throughly enjoyed it.

We then finally turned back to the harbour and still saw some whales on the way back and some of their fins were white. They did serve us lunch but it was not so great as I just couldn’t eat them 🙂 . It was just grilled chicken in a burger bun with pasta salad. We then reached Lahaina Harbour about 12.30 pm and decided that we will go ahead and see the Haleakala Crater which was about 2 hrs drive from there.

We then drove to the crater and it was just a mountain drive way up the hill. About 7000 feet above sea level, you could see the clouds and it was starting to get a little bit chilly. We then drove way up to the visitor center which was like 10,000 feet above sea level and view was just fantastic up there. on the other side of the mountain you can see the crater but it was just eroded so all you can see is a lot of plain red sandy small mountains with clouds. But it was still a beautiful view. By the time we drove back to our hotel it was already 6.30 pm.

We then decided to have our dinner at the Italian restaurant. I had the Lamb shank with mashed potato which was just amazing. It just melted in your mouth. And hubby ordered fettucine alfredo with mushroom and tiger prawns and the pasta had an amazing flavor. I totally enjoyed the food there. And that concludes our day but I was just tired at the end of the day with our early start.

Day 5

Today we decided to drive down to Hana which is at the south of Maui. The travel book does say that it will take a whole day to see Hana, so we decided to start at 9.30 am. It was so hot when we started from the hotel. We had a stop over in between to get some sandwich for lunch and then fill up the gas as you don’t have many gas station once you go into Hana. The drive was just beautiful which was up the mountains but it was just a slow drive due to the small roads and some even had one lane in the mountains. We had a lot of stop overs on the way to look at the view.

The first stop was Twin falls but it was such a long walk up the hill that I declined to go whereas hubby went for that walk and took some photos. The falls here looks as if water is leaking from the mountains ( lol) not like proper falls where you have a lot of water flowing through 😀 . There was just lot of falls along the way in the mountains and of course the view of the coast was just beautiful. As you go south, you can see that the sea are rougher and was perfect for surfing. There was lot of blow-hole which is like a huge wave of sea crashing into the cliffs and you can see the water just splashing loudly on the cliffs.

Our final destination was Hana park where we had a perfect view of the blow-hole and took lot of pictures followed by a beach which had black sand 🙂 . It was perfect drive but it was already 4.30 pm and we were just tired from the travel and wanted to return to the hotel early. On the way up, we had two breaks. One was to buy some coconut and home-made brownie from a stall and the other was to have chinese food 😀 .

We then drove all the way back to Lahaina town which took us about 2 1/2 hrs straight without any stops and traffic. We had our dinner in the town and I had the grilled chicken in wheat bun followed by fries and onion rings 😀 , my first junk food after a long time. We then walked around the town again and bought some chocolates to take home with us. We finally reached home by 8.45 pm and I was just plain tired.

Overall, it was an interesting but a tiring day. You do need to stock up the water and some snacks when you want to drive to Hana. Make sure you wear a good walking sandals or shoes as you maybe be required to walk on loose gravels and you do need good grips in the shoes. You do have lot of small shops along the way and you can get fresh fruits, smoothies and fish to eat along the way. If you don’ want that, then stock up snacks before you even start.


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