Pregnancy Tales : The Beginning

Disclaimer : This whole topic is just about me and me only 😉 . I will be talking about what I am going through so if you don’t experience the same things then don’t blame me 😀 .

One of my friend suggested that I talk about pregnancy in my blog and I decided it would be fun to talk about it in here 😀 . I have heard about pregnancy from all my friends and so I knew what was coming 🙂 but still you end up being surprised along the way. If some woman said that pregnancy was easy and she enjoyed it, then let me tell you, she is LYING. But every pregnancy is different and I am the proof of that 😀 .

Everyone know that the first symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness because that is what you hear from most of the ladies and there are lucky few who doesn’t have this symptom. But my first symptom was lower BACK ACHE, can you believe it? I had this nagging lower back ache for a week and it was getting uncomfortable. I thought that I must have sprained my back or there might be something wrong with my spinal cord. So I researched in the Internet for the cause of this problem. Lo and Behold, what do I find? , one of the cause might be pregnancy 🙂 . And I was like, What the ****? , you never think that might be a symptom of pregnancy. I have heard that you get lower backache in the third trimester.

So there I was in a dilemma, Should I go and get a test and check it out? I waited for about 3 days and just couldn’t control myself, the suspense was just killing me. So I went to the shop and got the pregnancy test 🙂 . And it was positive but we both were little bit surprised about it 🙂 . Even after the confirmation by the doctor, I still couldn’t believe it. I think throughout my first trimester, I just didn’t feel like pregnant.

Moving on to other symptoms, I just had a back ache  for about a month or so and I was fine but by 10 week, my other symptom beings to show up and that was 24 hr indigestion 😦 . Can you believe it? None of the food agreed with me but fortunately my mom was here with me and she was cooking plain south indian food so at least I had some nutritious food. I was sensitive to smells and I could not tolerate some strong smells or even the citrus smells. I had heartburn if I drank any citrus juice like lemonade or orange juice.

I could not eat any sweets because it just left a fake sweet after taste in my tongue which I hated. So I stopped eating sweets. So basically I was just eating rice with rasam and subzi or even curd rice with subzi. If ever I go out and eat out, I used to suffer from bad indigestion and gas 😦 . And that was the time, I started losing weight. My mom tried different kind of south indian food to see what agrees with me so I was in heaven 🙂 .

Other symptoms being laziness, I am totally serious, I found that I have become twice lazy from before. I just don’t want to do anything. And if I do some work, it just drained my energy. I was also sleeping a lot during my first trimester as your body is trying to adjust to all the new hormones in your body. I always had a good skin but I could see some spots coming out during those times 😦 . I also had to buy a maternity jeans as my normal jeans was getting tighter.

And that was my experience during the first trimester. I had a ultrasound during my 10 week and it was just like a bean 😀 and I could see it for sometime and I guess I still didn’t find it real 🙂 . I was more worried about me being a good mother all the time. I guess I should say I was just plain scared and refused to accept that it was true 🙂 .

I am now in my 29th week and I will write about my experience throughout my pregnancy. Hope you enjoyed my tales so far 😀 .


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