Christmas Bargains

I have been wanting to Stock up the candles or even try wallflowers from Bath & Body works and I was waiting for today’s sale 🙂 . So hubby took me to the shop and I already knew what I wanted. I wanted to try out the wallflowers rather than the candles so there I was looking for them. I got 4 wallflowers and 2 hand lotion. The scent I got are sea island cotton, sweet pea, eucalyptus & spearmint and mint chocolate 😀 .  I am seriously looking forward to use them and see how it works out. I also got 2 hand lotion in fresh market apple and sea island cotton. I am going to give those to my mom 🙂 .

The wallflowers with the plug-in was on sale for $ 5 and the individual wallflower was just $ 3 . So I decided to try some scents and the hand lotion were 50% off so I finally ended up getting all of them for $ 26 including tax.

The next shop I decided to visit for the Body Shop. I have 2 coupons to use so I decided to use this sale as a reason to check out some products 🙂 . One was from Groupon which was $ 20 off $ 40 coupon and the other was $ 5 off $25 coupon. So I basically had these two and decided to get all the stuffs which I wanted to try on the sale 😀 .

First I went to check out the Originals they have which was for $ 3 , so I decided to try Banana Shampoo, Dewberry bath & shower gel, Green apple bath & shower gel and Cucumber freshening water. Followed by well-being starter kit – Pure detox gift set for $ 5 😀 . I think I might give the products inside the kit to my mom and keep the pouch myself 😀 . Then my eye caught the $ 1 box from which I got White must body mist, Aqua lily body mist and Aqua lily eau de toilette.

My eyes also went to the basket where they had travel size items which was 5 for $ 10 🙂 and I decided to try the Rainforest radiance shampoo, Rainforest moisture shampoo, Calming makeup remover, vitamin E day cream and Seaweed day cream. I also got the small body butter holiday collection in Cranberry and Vanilla spice for $ 3 each. And after all this I still didn’t have $ 40 worth of products so the lady showed me the place where they had the makeup on sale 😀 and I was in heaven. It said 3 for $ 10 so I decided to get Lip and cheek stain in coral, Cheek color matte & shimmer in 01 and Shimmer cubes. So I thought that was it, but when in the check out she found out that the lip stain and the cheek color was just $ 1 each 😀 . So I decided to get 2 more cheek stain and 1 more cheek color in 02 to make it up to $ 10 as the shimmer cube was $ 5 on its own.

They also gave me the Body shop card discount which came up to $ 4.60 so finally with the tax and my Groupon coupon I ended up paying $ 25.33. And I realised that I also had one more coupon and the lady in the counter was so good that she told me that she will consider the whole purchase as the $ 25 worth and told me to get $ 4 worth of products so that I could pay the tax or some thing like that 😀 . I was in heaven, I was just browsing the shop all over again when hubby suggested to get the body lotion which was 2 for $ 10 so I decided to get the satsuma body lotion and strawberry body lotion.

With my Body shop card discount and tax, I ended up paying about $ 5 for the other coupon :D. So I guess I ended up paying about $ 30 for $ 50 worth of products which was the sale items. If I count the original price, I think I might have saved like $ 50-60 😀 . I am so over the moon for getting such good bargains 😀 and these products are not just for me 🙂 . I am going to give them to my mom or even my cousins and of course keep some of them for travel, of course.

Overall, I found some fantastic bargains and all the shops had sale going on and hubby had to drag me away from entering those shop 😀 .


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